List of Current Features

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List of Current Features

Postby Haittas » Wed Nov 18, 2015 8:50 pm

Here is a quick summary of some of our current features.

  • Devote System: For leveling your character after you reach hero status.
  • Mission System: For earning awards as you explore various options of the game.
  • Clans: Completely automated clan creation system and upgrades
  • Ashen Point System: For giving your character a wide range of bonuses.
  • Quest System: Standard quest system for earning quest points and buying/selling equipment. New items recently added.
  • Forge System: Collect different forge materials to make new items. Weapons recently added!
  • Global Questing System: Similar to quests, but on a larger scale and a competition.
  • Arena System: Battle other players safely with many advanced options.
  • PK Rules: Are hard set in the code to prevent abuse.
  • Banks: Store your platinum and spare objects for later. Expandable storage options as well for the hoarder in you.
  • Leader Charts: See how you rank against your fellow players in a variety of areas.
  • Reroll: Don't like how you created? Practices, trains and skill % are saved for you for later!

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